My 19th front cover for the Maui Vision Magazine


I've been recently investing a lot of my focus and energy on launching 5 Instagram accounts:

1) MauiTrashTheDress

2) MauiLGBTQWeddingPhotography

3) RichardMarksPhoto

4 MauiHawaiiWEddingPhotographer

5) MauiFamilyPhotographer

* Sad to say my very first Instagram account I had which was richardmarksimages was hacked so richardmarksphoto has been created in it's place.

I've been blessed to have a rich variety of shoots as of late including the new cover for the summer edition of The Maui Vision Magazine, (my 19th front cover). It's fun to see to discover my photo on The Maui Vision Magazine all over Maui.

Wishing you only the very best!

With warmest aloha,


#MauiWeddingPhotographer #MauiGayWeddingPhotographer #MauiLGBTQWeddingPhotography #MauiVisionMagazine #MauiProfessionalPhotographer #MauiPromotionalPhotographer

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